Are Track And Field Sprint Spikes Fair

track and field sprint spikes q

If you like fast races, then you need to get some track and field sprint spikes. But let’s first see the stories of people who have used super spikes. The super spikes for athletics didn’t feel significantly different. Double Olympic 1500m medalist Nick Willis tested them out for the first time last month. Sure, it was a little more cushioned.

Which lessened the harsh impact when it contacted the hard surface. Then, though, he looked at his watch. He had run a lung-busting 1200 meter time trial two seconds quicker than he had anticipated.

track and field sprint spikes
track and field sprint spikes

Depending on whether a person is a “high responder.” The new spike technology has a superlight material. It is worth one to three seconds each mile. The edge is between two and four seconds. In either case, the transformation is comparable to when you replace cinder tracks with synthetic ones.

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After Elliot Giles breaks the GB 800m record in super spikes, Sebastian Coe is “excited.”

Not only is the genie free, but it is also granting wishes at an unprecedented rate. the 5,000 and 10,000 meter world records for men? Together with the women’s 5,000m, both events have fallen in recent months. Then Elliot Giles, who has never competed in a world final-wait for it. Stunned the world by breaking Seb Coe’s UK record. This was by running the second-fastest indoor 800m in history in 1 minute, 43 seconds.

Something Odd About The Track And Field Sprint Spikes

There is also something odd going on, though. No sponsored athlete has expressed a desire to acknowledge the spikes for their faster times. For instance, Giles argued that his Air Zoom Victory spikes played no role in his performance.

Giles stated, “People say it must be the shoes since I’ve done well. I’ve been wearing them for a number of years.” It’s absurd and a little insulting.


The use of Nike Air Zoom Victory is commonly referred to as “super spikes.” This has caused world records to fall on the athletics track recently. Picture of Nike

Marc Scott, another Briton, credited “years of hard and smart training” for his improvement over his personal best. which propelled him beyond Dave Bedford and Brendan Foster on the all-time list. Scott advised the TV analyst to “give some credit where it’s due. Rather than always gripe about the shoe technology.

In the end, the athletes from Nike and New Balance have profited the most from the technology. They are practicing an odd form of omerta, or “don’t mention the spikes.” I believe that when a sponsor asks you to make a sales pitch, it frequently comes out as phony and staged. And this is your one chance to truly evangelize about it. They don’t, though.

The Reality

Giles and Scott are not the only ones who are avoiding the new reality. The president of World Athletics, Coe, has likewise downplayed the influence of the shoes.

So how should we respond when, in the track and field equivalent of Year Zero, the record books are not only being rewritten but also set on fire?

In either case, it is wholly incorrect to downplay the influence of technology. This tech is particularly true given that historical timeframes and records are fundamental to track and field. And this might only be the beginning of a long revolution. Willis, for one, believes that the new spikes’ added cushioning will enable athletes to endure more strenuous interval training, which will result in faster timings.

track and field sprint spikes
track and field sprint spikes

Concluding The Track And Field Sprint Spikes

One sliver of solace is that other businesses have had time to catch up due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics. According to Willis, “People obviously weren’t aware that one or two brands had a lead.” “It’s likely that spikes had a significant impact at the 2019 World Championships. However, when Tokyo comes around, the other businesses will be competitive.

The brand Willis will wear at the Games has not yet been decided, but he assures that he won’t necessarily choose the one that is quickest, saying: “I don’t want to provide free exposure to any firm I don’t think has the appropriate ethics.”


He will, however, be donning the new spikes. He admits, “Once you have used the new technology, it’s hard to go back.” Can you blame him after what we have seen?

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