Why You Need Cool Women’s Soccer Cleats

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If you are a woman who loves soccer, why not get some cool women’s soccer cleats? Soccer players need to be aware of the four key variations between men’s and women’s soccer boots.

In the USA, women’s soccer is currently popular.

Soccer is presently the most popular team activity for girls in the USA. And more and more women are participating in the sport. However, the majority of women still play the game in boots made for men, with about 75% of players being female.

I had no idea that soccer boots should be comfortable.

There are several talented female soccer players in the Trackspikes neighborhood. We are passionate about the game. And, as players, we develop women’s soccer footwear with female players in mind.

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s soccer boots? is a common query we hear from players both on the field and in clubs. We have reduced it to four key distinctions that every soccer player should be aware of. When making an investment in your next pair of boots, keep these in mind.

What distinguishes soccer boots for men and women?

cool womens soccer cleats
cool women’s soccer cleats

Size Of Cool Women’s Soccer Cleats

Most clearly, women’s feet are often smaller than those of men and children’s. Yet we frequently wear men’s or children’s boots. This is because they come in more color options. Or because there aren’t any women’s soccer boots available.


The Shape of Cool Women’s Soccer Cleats

Women’s feet are smaller than men’s for a variety of reasons. Women’s feet differ from men’s in a number of ways. Including the height of the arch, the lateral side of the foot, the toes, and the heels. Soccer boots for women should hold onto our heels and support our toes and arches. In addition to having a broader front than a man’s boot, women’s boots also have a wider toe box.

“Most players, who feel like they are slipping on the boot, find that having a thinner heel makes a significant difference. There was an effect on my direction change, acceleration, and deceleration for me.

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Pressure Loads On Cool Women’s Soccer Cleats

The pressure load on women’s boots is different from that of men’s. Since women typically have distinct body types and proportions. When deciding where to put studs on the boots, keep this in mind.

You experience less pressure on the sesamoid bone (neath the foot) when wearing boots with stud configuration made for women. This is because the studs spread out the pressure. Metatarsalgia or sprains might result from improperly placed studs or those made for men’s pressure loads.


Multidirectional Movement Traction

The fit of women’s soccer footwear should accommodate the cutting motions required when playing the game. When swerving quickly in various directions while wearing men’s boots, your body will compensate by supporting your feet where the boots cannot. This raises your chance of injury over time by wearing out your strained muscles in both your feet and higher up your body.


Your goal should be to choose a pair of boots that will allow your feet to move as naturally as possible. Over time, wearing boots that don’t quite support your weight or suit the shape of your feet may affect your performance and may even cause damage.

cool womens soccer cleats
cool women’s soccer cleats

Feedback from women soccer players

I was hesitant to purchase boots online since I normally need to try on several pairs and compare them before I found the ideal ones, but these boots fit me like a glove! You can tell they are high quality just by looking at them, and they are wonderfully comfy the moment you put them on your feet. They felt a lot more supportive than other boots I’ve owned before, and I had no problems wearing them during a preseason and summer soccer match. They are wonderful in both appearance and comfort, and I heartily suggest them.

Trackspikes produces a lot of boots for women because we believe there are already enough men’s boots available.

USA soccer players have provided us with some really positive feedback ever since we started developing our footwear.

The boots are gorgeous! As a result of how comfy they are, I eagerly anticipate putting them on before exercising. Due to how thin and rigid they can feel, many boots don’t seem as supportive or comfy; however, this is not the case with the Trackspikes boot. They hug your foot tightly and are incredibly soft. They provide excellent ankle support and facilitate quick direction changes. I really like how simple and elegant it is. I would strongly advise!

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cool women’s soccer cleats



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