Youth Football Cleats Buying Guide

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Getting the best youth football cleats is important for your child’s career. Ensure your child has the appropriate attire before going out for practice and games. This is one of the most crucial and difficult elements of being a young football parent. Cleats are an important item of clothing. But buying a pair for your child might be challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Actually, even after going through it numerous times, it can still be frustrating.

A few years ago, one of our son’s friends attempted to persuade him to purchase a pair of extremely pricey cleats. The cleats had the name of an NFL player. They were substantially different from the sneakers he had previously worn. When he struggled to put them on his feet while trying shoes on in the store, that plan came to a screeching halt.


What then should a parent consider before purchasing cleats? There are numerous considerations.

Youth Football Cleats Buying Guide
Youth Football Cleats Buying Guide

Comfort Beyond Budget 

The fit and price of the cleats should be your top priorities when purchasing them for a young football player.

I wouldn’t worry so much about pricing and what kind of model I’m acquiring. I’m going to consider shoe comfort and style.

Try to refrain from making any extravagant purchases. They will only be around for one season.

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Understand What You Want In Youth Football Cleats

Youth football cleats come in three different styles: screw-in, molded, and a rubber bottom. You want a shoe that can play on both grass and synthetic turf. Because most games happen on these surfaces with little rubber bits.

Even if teammates don’t get along, players still need to show them respect.

Regarding both playing surfaces, the rubber bottom cleat is probably the best, and you should make an effort not to own cleated shoes.

It is probably something you don’t need when you’re nine or ten. Because the cleat is truly screwed into the bottom and rubs against your forefoot or heel over time, the screw-in can occasionally harm the bottom of your feet.

For added traction in the wet, the cleated shoe is useful. Compared to molded or rubber cleats, it may dig into the grass better. The molded cleat and rubber cleat vary in that the former is of a tougher plastic.


Where is your child playing?

Young athletes should be dressed in something comfortable and supportive. But choosing the right pair of cleats can be greatly influenced by where your youngster lines up on the field.

If you’re a skilled player, you can purchase any of the nice, elegant, lightweight cleats or a modern-day speed cleat. They have molded bottoms and are quite light.

Players are better off using a pair of cleats that are more supportive and durable if they are on the offensive or defensive line.

A lineman should wear comfortable rubber bottoms because they will be using their feet for a lot of the drilling activity. Even though the speed cleats are fashionable, a player on the line cannot use them.

Youth Football Cleats Buying Guide
Youth Football Cleats Buying Guide

Sneakers are not youth football cleats

When you bring your kid to the sports goods store to try on cleats, this should be obvious. Your child should try them on with all the lower-body football gear required for practice or games because they feel different from sneakers.

Bring that with you if you wear orthotics, ankle braces, or a specific style of thick sock.

A strong cleat that won’t be as flexible as a pair of sneakers is what you desire. The cleats will have a dress shoe-like fit.

It would be heavier than a pair of sneakers. They’ll eventually feel cozy.

The cleats will eventually resemble a pair of sneakers in comfort.

It’s not simple to get football cleats for a kid. There are numerous varieties and designs, but the most crucial factor is that the cleat is appropriate for the position, comfortable, and long-lasting.

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